17 September 2010

Perthshire Open Studios... final push!!!

Ok, the trouble with being busy is that you don't have time to blog/tweet/blah on about what you're doing just when you need to!!!
So I went from selling at the Edinburgh Festival last month, and the loveliness of this....

...My stand at the West End 3d2d Craft and Design Fair...(so clean, so light and airy...).... to this:

..not clean, not airy... just a pit, otherwise known as my pre- Perthshire Open Studios workshop... neglected and sad... and did I say, a pit... I mean, there's a single shoe there in the centre of the floor - why????
Anyway, miracles began to happen:

Well hello light and airy... welcome back!  And finally:

Oops... thought I'd slip that in so we can all admire Archie's astounding contribution to this event...

Ah yes, to this... um, maybe I cluttered up the space again with all my work on display but they tell me that's the point, so hey-ho.
Anyway, this is the final weekend! Hooray... no more house arrest on Monday!!! Er, I mean, boo.... no more chatting to lovely visitors and enjoying selling my work and sharing my passions...
Really, it has been a good week, with lovely interested folks touring about the back roads and secret places of Perthshire, enjoying coming upon these treasure troves of creativity that are dotted about!
Come see me - I'm open til 7pm for the last 2 evenings... yeah - the big push!