6 February 2010

The kick-off...

Right, just to get this place looking less empty, here's picture or 2 of my work....

Ist up we have Mr Stag... handsome (all the lady deer say "aaaaaaaahhhhh").
He's is a 15x20cm earthenware tile. Truly a Monarch of the Glen.
I do other sizes and versions but this is my fave.

Next, because I wouldn't wish give the impression that it's all classic and windswept with me.... Round coasters and pot stands:

Finished with cork backing to protect the furniture from the scrapie ceramic as well as that dribbly tea mug. This is orange/spots pot stand (inspired by my dog... he's not orange but he is spotty) and turquoise/honey blob coaster (a glaze combination which is a bitch for going wrong!)

Last up for now, because this is exhausting and messy... a Jellyfish Tile, framed:

This one is about 7x21cm sans frame.

I think that's all for now as I have to feed the dog and the novelty of trying to position these pictures has worn off for one evening! Phew.