8 July 2010

Break for Nature

Ah... hello... it's been a while.  Life continues with The Nasturtium Fireplace surround coming closer to an end - looking super-good but have to remake a couple of the tiles... and there's always tweaking.  End in sight though...prasise be!  My client loved the last sample and the colours are coming out a-stunning indeed!
Anyway, on a quick break from the clay (please), I am giving you a quick wildlife interlude with this:

She was vying for my attention at my Mum's pond recently, with this young chap..
Nice to see a grown amphibian as it's been tadpole soup in there for ages.  I could stare into the depths of this wee pond all day.  Tis serene, I tell ya!
Anyhoo, that was enjoyable, now back to the grindstone!