22 June 2010

Fireplace Tiles... a step closer to success?

Right then.... that was a long cliff-hanger. "And so exciting", I hear you shriek!  Well, I'm here to put my lovely followers out of their misery re the whole glaze-testing-fireplace-tile-scenario thingmie.

It worked.

That's it.
Mwhahahahahahahah. My little joke.  Voila.
Yes, I think you'll agree, and I certainly hope my client agrees, that this is much brighter, accurate and generally very bonny indeed.  Got some tweeking to do now I see what those glazes are like to paint with and I might just drop the red but generally... pretty pleased.
And since I overfired some in the bicuit firing like a complete twat (see new, over-enthusiastic kiln elements.. blast!), I'll have a few to practice on while I get it right.  Silver lining la la la etc - this is the attitude we hapless ceramicists have to adopt as we take another happy-slapping from the Kiln Gods...

Service Interuption...  I've just found a glass of wine I poured for myself 2 hours ago and FORGOT TO DRINK!!!!
*stares in disbelief*

Anyway, before I sign off to go and remedy that, this one-off variation on my Vessels Tile range came out right nice yesterday.
Just thought I'd share that before I go off and drink the wine and pass out  do some more important stuff.

18 June 2010

Fireplace and life

Well, life has been so... topsey turvey and complicated lately!  All interuptus and not enough workus.  However, parents' health willing, I can get a smooth go at finishing some commissions for a while; and starting new ones.
Not that it's just the Aged P's that have been in need of my attentions; some deadlines and events just refuse to be moved! 
Like Potfest (see older post) and the PVAF Big Forum Weekend I was involved in organising. (That's Perthshire Visual Artists' Forum to yooz.) http://www.pvaf.org.uk/ for a lookie at what we get up to! 
I was taking care of the bookings and by the time it actually happened I had taken up self harming and was eyeing the modem with a view to ripping the wires out and hanging myself.  Really, artists are (generalising here, m'kay?) the most last-minute and dizzy group of individuals - I do include myself in that statement. Sometimes. Occasionally. NOT ANYMORE!
Anyway, by the time the Forum was properly underway and we were all feeling inspired and a-buzz with fab speakers etc, I was in love with the world again and even managed to be sociable till the very end.  And they said it couldn't be done! Pah!

However, all of this has not been helping my patient clients and the Fireplace (see earlier post) is still being created bit by bit.  It did not help that I got some of the maths wrong (!) and have had to cut a few extra sizes, but no harm done.  So I've been testing and, consequently, ordering glazes this week.
These are what the raw glazing looks like before firing and this was the first attempt.  Normally I don't do a 'finished piece' test but in this case, I want to see the whole look.  People who say "oh, I like it better before it gets fired" get a hard slap.

Ok. I like it better before it was fired too.  Actually, the greenery is fine I think but the nasturtium itself is too dull and muddy.  Having said that, my neighbour flippin' LOVED IT so of course, it's all subjective!  I don't think it's what my esteemed client is looking for, though, so onwards...
The next test is in the kiln and it will tell me everything I need to know!  Wish me luck.  I've used brighter, more compatible colours and added some more green so we shall see.  Listen out for screams of joy or horror!

Next lot before firing...
I'll get back to you!

16 June 2010

They Rock...

AT LAST.... The Big Gay Biker Dudes are up for sale....
~oh yeah, Bebeeeeeh~

Possess one by hitting the Etsy button on the right.
Coming soon... Lady Badges ~ they are pretty and they wax their moustaches on a regular basis....

11 June 2010

Quickie Postie...

Veeery quick catch-up re Potfest et al... I saw a lot of this the night before the set-up!

At least it was bonnie
Then as usual it took hours just to arrange my tables and random clothage!

God... HOURS in!

Hours later...

Two tables, THREE??? Oh, not enough clothage even with mad folds and disguises... two then.  Humph.

My sis doesn't like the red, fancy cloths... I think it would be fine with no black... work in progress.  The shelves were dragged out at the last minute... will paint next time.  I'm a professional, me!

Right, well after all that it could have been a whole lot busier, but what with Potfest Scotland moving dates and venue and TOWN, I'm sure it's just a transitional phase..... mmhmmm.
(The new agricultural mart is a much nicer venue than the old Perth one, though... an open end with views over the nearby Trossachs and an actual cafe with more than one loo.  Same old cow pee aroma but really, we'd miss it if it wasn't there.  (in the mart, not the loos... stalls are too small for bovine rumpage)
So, while the regular 'punters' let me down in my bid to pay the rent for the 6th time this year, trade came up mini-trumps and saved the day. 
New badges, Wall Pockets and other fresh and lovely new things have/will be winging their way to Culross Pottery/Gallery in Culross, Ealain Gallery in Drymen, Starfish Studio in Johnshaven and the very lovely and constantly-selling-my-work craft shop, The Wee Boorachie in Milton of Crathes.
Grand.  I shall sit back and await the cheques and the glory!
Actually, I shall be up all hours, firing kilns, glazing, making, mucking about writing fascinating blogs etc and generally trying to play catch-up. 

Sleep? For whimps.