10 January 2011

New Look...

Hello Lovely People...

Wow.. I forgot how orange it is in here... it's been to long!

Well I'm told the last year is gone now so I have hauled my overfed self into work mode and made a good start on restocking the online shop (yes, Etsy at the mo but soon to also be the cool German site, Dawanda and the up n coming GB site, Folksy .)
Thanks to this:
...and yes we all know what this is in the UK.... anyway, thanks to this, my clay has been frozen solid since the start of December; not only in the bags it comes in but also in my pugmill which is the first stage of everything I do more or less.
For those wot don't know, Captain Pugmill is a large de-airing clay-chomper and extruder which pushes sheets of clay at me ready for transformation into gorgeous and magical items by my fair hands.
Well at the moment it's a TOTALLY USELESS LUMP OF CLAY AND STEEL!!! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg.

So... current orders and commissions are at a bit of a standstill, unless they consist of  very small things only.
I do have some stock left from the Christmas fairs that were snowed off  (I'm sorry, this is a very bitter post. Somebody light me a fag...) so I've revamped the Etsy Shop and am filling it with badges/brooches which I think look rather splendid actually.
It may be all the shocking colour in this white/grey January. Or it may that they are fabulous.  It's not for moi to say...
A taster...

Click on the shop link on the right for a gander, do...

25 November 2010

Dunning Craft Fair

This is what I shall be up to this weekend... squeeeeeeeezing in a bit of selling between commissions and lengthy lists of things to do!  Tell the world!!! (or at least your friends!)

Ps.. I has Owls... that's one of the handsome devils there in the bottom left corner...

17 September 2010

Perthshire Open Studios... final push!!!

Ok, the trouble with being busy is that you don't have time to blog/tweet/blah on about what you're doing just when you need to!!!
So I went from selling at the Edinburgh Festival last month, and the loveliness of this....

...My stand at the West End 3d2d Craft and Design Fair...(so clean, so light and airy...).... to this:

..not clean, not airy... just a pit, otherwise known as my pre- Perthshire Open Studios workshop... neglected and sad... and did I say, a pit... I mean, there's a single shoe there in the centre of the floor - why????
Anyway, miracles began to happen:

Well hello light and airy... welcome back!  And finally:

Oops... thought I'd slip that in so we can all admire Archie's astounding contribution to this event...

Ah yes, to this... um, maybe I cluttered up the space again with all my work on display but they tell me that's the point, so hey-ho.
Anyway, this is the final weekend! Hooray... no more house arrest on Monday!!! Er, I mean, boo.... no more chatting to lovely visitors and enjoying selling my work and sharing my passions...
Really, it has been a good week, with lovely interested folks touring about the back roads and secret places of Perthshire, enjoying coming upon these treasure troves of creativity that are dotted about!
Come see me - I'm open til 7pm for the last 2 evenings... yeah - the big push!

12 August 2010

West End Craft and Design Fair, Edinburgh

Hello All....

Flippin' heck - it'd been intense... so intense that I've failed to post yet about my annual big selling event!

As usual, Edinburgh is buzzing during the festival and it's fab to catch up with craft fair buddies....
Stand is looking lush though I do say so myself... lots of new goodies this year and plenty fresh from the kiln as usual!  Nothing like some last minute inspiration...

8 July 2010

Break for Nature

Ah... hello... it's been a while.  Life continues with The Nasturtium Fireplace surround coming closer to an end - looking super-good but have to remake a couple of the tiles... and there's always tweaking.  End in sight though...prasise be!  My client loved the last sample and the colours are coming out a-stunning indeed!
Anyway, on a quick break from the clay (please), I am giving you a quick wildlife interlude with this:

She was vying for my attention at my Mum's pond recently, with this young chap..
Nice to see a grown amphibian as it's been tadpole soup in there for ages.  I could stare into the depths of this wee pond all day.  Tis serene, I tell ya!
Anyhoo, that was enjoyable, now back to the grindstone!